1. Is your page going to mention the other islands?
Unfortunately ,during my time studying at the University of Hawaii at Hilo I was not able to explore the other islands. That’s why I try to go into as much detail as possible about the Big Island.

2. Will you offer housing advice, like where to live and how much houses costs in that area?
     Sadly, that is out of my element. I wish I knew about that topic. I stayed in the University’s door room throughout my time in Hawaii.

3. What is better Hilo or Kona?
They are both BEAUTIFUL! I would not be able to pick because they both offer such great qualities since both towns are so different and unique. Kona has white sand beaches as Hilo as black sand beaches. Kona has more tourists activities; parasailing, submarine trip,water activities, etc; while Hilo offers nature adventures such as climbing through caves, waterfalls, etc.

4. What was your favorite trip?
That is a tough question but I would have to say the hike to Green Sands beach. On this hike I thought the end would just be some beach with green sand. I was incredibly wrong. It was a piece of magic, something I could never even dream of. Green sands beach is breath-taking and I hope everyone has the chance to experience it.

5. Where is the best place to eat in Hilo?
Kens!!!!!!!!! The portions are HUGE and fairly priced. They are known for their delicious pancakes but I also thought lunch was extraordinary too! I recommend the red white and blue pancakes for breakfast and taco salad for lunch!

6. Did you learn anything new about yourself from being in a different setting?
I learned to love my home town. Tourist usually do not venture to Hilo but are by Kona instead. I know that Hilo is small but it offers so much learning experiences, culture, and beauty. The locals there love where they came from. They were welcoming and warm to everyone. They were proud to be from Hilo and could tell you any story and myth about the town. The locals inspired me to appreciate my hometown more and welcome others with open arms and help them experience what my town has to offer.

7. Did you have any negative experiences during your time?
The only negative thing I can think of was the cockroaches. They were sometimes in my bathroom which i could not understand why. We were on the first floor so that probably had to do with it. Bugs gross me out so i slept with e cockroach spray next to my bed and would freak out anytime I saw one!


Have a question that’s not asked above? I would love to hear from you! Please post in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting The HI Life Blog! xoxo


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