Life Lesson


TIn Hawaii it’s easy to tell who is a local. Their roots make them who they are, such beautiful kind souls. I loved how they admire every piece of their culture.

They all know how to hula dance and what each move meant. Every hula dance has a story and the way they told those stories were breath-taking. It was difficult for them to teach others how to move as fluently and as graceful as they did because it was just in their blood. It’s hard to teach a natural given talent that you’re born with.

The locals also know every single story, including all the myths and history about their island that they’re so proud to be part of. Most Hawaiians see the beach as a way of life. This was my favorite lesson I took back with me.

They would say, “Life is like the ocean. Sometimes the ocean is calm and is the home to the most beautiful and gentle animals. Then other times the ocean can have treacherous waves, deadly currents, and home to dangerous animals such as sharks.”

The Hawaiians taught me that if you stick to your roots and know you’ll always have a place to call home then the storm will always pass.


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