Experience is your Greatest Teacher

hawaii1Guest Contribution from @mcastillo2617 (www.witnessrealfitness.wordpress.com)

One thing in life I am certain about is fitness. Fitness can change a person for the better and reflect a more positive image. No matter what people go through in life, I believe, their past experiences become their biggest teachers. To learn from those experiences one must be willing to change, adapt, and learn from the past. Fitness is about feeling good in your own body and wanting to help others experience that same feeling.

Visiting a tropical island, a place with no worries and positive vibes is what we should all strive for in life. We all want to be relaxed, focused, more energized, and happy. Exercising can make those feelings possible. Being healthy is a lifestyle, a positive lifestyle that significantly changes lives. Want to go on vacation, you say? Well how about Hawaii anyone!!! Hawaii is a breath taking place with plenty of activities to do, culture to soak in, and friendly people to meet. Just visiting Hawaii for a short period will be a life changing experience. Life and fitness both relate to each other because they both revolve around taking chances and that’s what it’s about at the end of the day. Go out there, take life, run with it, and live for the experience!


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