Hilo Fun

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Instead of writing about my unique stories about how I rode in strangers’ trucks to get places, how I nearly survived the plane ride, etc; I need to focus on why I created this blog. The HI Life is mainly to help others when traveling to the Big Island and make their experience as smooth as possible while saving money, and knowing where to go.

My top views for other posts have been the ones that involves some sort of adventure! What many people don’t know is that there’s so much adventure right in Hilo! When studying at UHH you may feel that it’s hard to get out of town. But, hey, that’s a good thing! You do not need to go to Kona to find adventure, there’s plenty to do right in Hilo!

1) Kaumana caves
Climb inside the caves and if you have a flash light be a risk taker and crawl through the tubes! Make sure to wear a rain jacket as water drips from the top.
2) Rainbow falls
Take a short hike to the back side of the stunning waterfall where you can cross streams of water, jump off rocks, and have an even better view of Rainbow Falls, rather than taking pictures up front like most tourists.
3) Black sands beach
Turtles! Huge turtles will be there waiting for you as you’ll be floating in the water all day soaking up the sun.
4) Paddle boarding
Thanks to UHH Edventure Club you will be able to paddle board for free in Hilo! It is harder than it looks!
5) Sailing
Another incredible adventure brought to you by UHH Edventure club! Learn how to sail with the best instructors as you and a partner have a chance to pair up and be put to the test! Good luck!

If you don’t want to leave campus than enjoy the huge Olympic size swimming pool, basketball court, tennis courts, and volleyball courts (inside and out)! Don’t forget to stop at the gym and take some of the free classes they offer!

Enjoy Hilo, I know I did!


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