Go Big or Go Home (First Time Traveling to the Big Island)

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Waking up at 6am for the flight, I couldn’t believe the day was finally here where I get to travel to paradise.

The trip consists of me and four other girls.

Sarah – The over packer

Jenna – The positive one

Shannon – The smart one

Carole – The calm one

As we wave our final goodbyes to our parents, Jenna and I begin to lead the way to our gate. Ten minutes later Shannon realizes we’re going in the wrong direction. With five minutes to spare we run around Logan Airport to find our gate.

Freaking out that we won’t make our flight, Jenna looks on the positive side saying, “one day we’ll look back and laugh.”

No one liked that comment. We’ve been waiting over a year for this day.

Sarah had three carry ons that somehow ended up in other people’s hands from helping her carry them. As we’re running, we mimic an all girl track team switching off the baton (Sarah’s personal items). Not to mention, her suit case was way over the 50 pound limit. We tipped the guy who weighed the suitcase ten dollars so he let the suitcase go through with no charge.

Struggling was an understatement at that point.

While we were frantically running to our zone; worry, fear, and Sarah’s things flying everywhere occupied our time.

Finally, we made it! We sigh in relief as we are the last people to board. We look over at Carole who said, “Secretly I knew we were going to make it, ya’ll worry too much.”

On the plane we try to get comfy. Shannon is sitting next to what it looks like a three hundred pound woman. She was squished beyond compare, but sucks it up as we remind her that we’ll soon be on a warm beach.

I start feeling sick from the turbulence and don’t know if I’ll make it. I spent about twenty minutes in the bathroom trying to get myself together.

Carole gets a bloody nose which makes me sicker from seeing the blood.

After seventeen grueling hours of travel, we land in Hilo, Hawaii.

Wanting to kiss the ground, and give our thanks to God that we’re alive, we all become silent.

The Hawaiian air hit us like a slap in the face.

The air is warm and welcoming. Our first acquaintance with Hawaii is a moment we will never forget. The air is easy to breathe and feels great on our skin. We take that moment to finally break the silence and jump for joy!

Loud, obnoxious, over excited teen-age girls running around the airport looking for the exit door to go out and explore. This behavior made us stick out.

We had an old woman take our picture as she gave us insight on what beaches we should go to first.

We quickly got our luggage and waited for a taxi. These boys in the parking lot offered to give us a ride in their truck. At first, we said no because we had no idea where our school was, plus they were strangers. Jenna and Sarah said yes, Shannon and Carole said no. We huddled for a quick second and decided that it’s a free ride, and if they kidnap us we’ll just jump out. We gave them the official answer, yes. We all sat in the back of the truck having the fresh Hawaiian air blow against our faces. The drive was less than ten minutes. When we said our “goodbyes” they stopped us. They handed us a handful of freshly grown weed. They said it was our welcome present. None of us smoke, so we nicely said thank you and gave it our neighbor in the dorms, who couldn’t have been happier. Such an overwhelming first day we had. Although we almost didn’t make it, it will always be a day we will never forget.

That night our parents called asking how the trip was. We told them the taxi guy was very nice.